Commons, version 1.1.0 released!

dejv bio photo By dejv

Version 1.1.0 of the “commons” project brings some new (and hopefully interesting) functionality, for example a handy set of classes to make the JavaFX handling of user input easier and more consistent, or a very simplistic solution for application configuration persistence using JSON format. Some of the existing classes especially in JavaFX binding domain, were also slightly updated, to improve their usability.

Next, the structure of “commons” was crumbled down into multiple separate libraries by the domain of contained code, namely “config”, “jfx-binding”, “jfx-geometry” and “jfx-input”. This modularization was probably not really necessary now (since there is still just a handful of classes in “commons”), but will probably become more and more beneficial over time, as the project grows.

And last (but certainly not least) - As “commons” is a rather simple project, it provides a good testing grounds for various kinds of experiments, so I decided to use this release as an opportunity to try all the steps required for successful public release of an Open Source Software project (prepare a site for the project, write some documentation on usage, javadoc, release to Maven Central, etc.). It may still have some rough edges here and there (especially on the documentation side, I guess), so please bear with me :) But generally it went quite well, and I expect all the gained experience to pay off soon in some of my other (more complex) projects.

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